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I am sad to say that I will have to take this site down mid 2014.  I am pleased to announce that the Oklahoma Historical Society has agreed to make the marriage and funeral records available to the public on their site.  If it were not for their help, the records on this site would be cease to be and anyone who is researching Grant County knows that there is very little information available to all. 

The Church of Latter Day Saints is in the process of making all their records available on line which is a huge help to the thousands of researchers out there.  The problem is the only information on Grant County in their online catalog is cemetery records available on microfiche for rent "Silent Cities of Grant County" and Wilson Funeral Home records. So, you can see that you have to get creative in order to, hopefully, find the kind of information you are looking for.


This site is dedicated in memory of my mom, Margaret Jane Hildinger Sweeney who had the foresight to preserve the Hildinger information so that it might be shared with others.  The background music, The Entertainer, was a favorite of my mom's, who died quite suddenly from an aneurysm.

Hi, my name is Karen Wise and welcome to my web site.  Several years ago, I decided to start tracing the family roots.  When I started, I didn't have a clue as to what to do.  Slowly as the years past my families information grew and grew.  Because my family name is not a common one, I thought it was time to put the name out there on the world wide web, so hopefully, it will help someone tracing one of my lines.


A few of my pages will only be interesting to family members, so I have tried to include information on this site that will be helpful to anyone tracing their roots.  Also, be sure to visit my "Fun Stuff" and learn what happened this week in history.  This website will be constantly under construction, so please check back often to see what new information has been added that will assist you in your genealogy research.  You can view the Hildinger Family Tree at and at



Also, the Medford Library has Newspapers and other documents that may be useful in your research.  Their address and phone number is Medford Public Library 123 S Main St Medford, OK 73759-1530 Phone: 580-395-2342.

Growth of a Nation This is really cool!

A very special thanks to Erich and Sue, for all their help in putting this web site together !

Please feel free to e-mail me at with your praise, criticism and/or suggestions . 


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